The Islands

of the Madeira Archipelago

Golden Sail Madeira provides you top quality yachts in Madeira island.

Come cruise the waters of Madeira, the island known as the Pearl of the Atlantic. Booking yachts in Madeira a is a great choice for nautical activities lovers. The variety of islands provide you different sights, that will make your sailing an unforgettable experience.

The experiences are endless…

Dive from your private yacht’s swim platform into the warm sea of Madeira. Here you’ll be able to watch dolphins, whales and monk seals crossing the Madeira seas. Discover the blissful golden sands of the hidden gem of Europe, Porto Santo, from the deck of your yacht. Look out over the wild islands of Madeira: Selvagens and Desertas. Meanwhile, enjoy a Nature Reserve that you can only watch from your boat.

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Yachts in Madeira - Golden Sail Madeira

Madeira Island

Yachts in Madeira - Golden Sail Madeira

Porto Santo Island

Yachts in Madeira - Golden Sail Madeira

Selvagens and Desertas Islands