Golden Sail Madeira

Providing yacht charter in Madeira, starting at Madeira’s Golden Island: Porto Santo.

Cruise the waters of Madeira, the island known as the Pearl of the Atlantic.

For instance, dive from your private yacht’s swim platform into the warm sea. Discover the blissful golden sands of the hidden gem of Europe, Porto Santo, from the deck of your yacht. Look out over the wild islands of Madeira: Selvagens and Desertas. Meanwhile, enjoy a Nature Reserve that you can only watch from your boat.

The certainly ever-enchanting Madeira opens a world of possibilities, both onshore and off. In short, be surprised with breathtaking mountains and cliffs, crystal-clear water beaches and unparalleled snorkeling and diving conditions.

Weather Conditions

In Madeira Archipelago

Track real-time weather conditions of winds, waves and ocean currents so you can enjoy a perfect yacht charter experience in Madeira. As a result of the influence of the warm Gulf Stream, the sea temperature is very mild. So, the average sea temperature in Madeira is 22ºC in the summer and 18ºC in the winter.